Flavour Illusions: The Templeton

Let me start off by saying that my wife, son, and I had a solid meal at The Templeton today. The service was friendly and efficient; the premises were fairly clean; the prices were about average; ┬áthe food was typical of diner fare, but it was less salty and much less greasy. Even though they had lower-than-usual salt and oil components, the food was nonetheless enjoyable and flavorful. But the flavours I tasted in some of the items were unexpected. The ingredients did not taste like what I expected them to taste like. For example, the flavours of the rosemary … Continue reading Flavour Illusions: The Templeton

MSG Plaza Part 2: New Spicy Chili Restaurant

I normally don’t associate restaurants that serve authentic Szechuan cuisine with MSG. The dishes in Szechuan cuisine usually have such an overabundance of hot, spicy, and numbing flavours (mala flavours) that there is really not a need for the flavour-enhancing qualities of MSG. Actually, let me rephrase my previous statement. Although MSG is undoubtedly used in the dishes of Szechuan cuisine, its flavour usually does not become a focal point because it is much more subtle than the omnipresent ‘mala’ flavours. I wouldn’t have noticed that the dishes we ordered at New Spicy Chili were chock full of MSG if … Continue reading MSG Plaza Part 2: New Spicy Chili Restaurant

MSG Plaza Part 1: Jubilant Restaurant

For some inexplicable reason, out of the countless restaurants in Richmond we intended to try out but have yet to visit, my wife and I decided to visit two restaurants that were not previously on our culinary radar located in the same plaza on the same day. Our meals at the two restaurants were comprised of dishes that repeatedly set off MSG-induced alarm bells in my wife’s digestive and nervous systems. The worse MSG offender of the two was the restaurant we visited for lunch: Jubilant Restaurant. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I am not opposed to the use … Continue reading MSG Plaza Part 1: Jubilant Restaurant

Crystal Mall Food Court: Delicious BBQ

I normally do not do Cantonese BBQ meat rice plates because their portion sizes never seem to satisfy me. But since I’m making it a goal of mine to try out the food from every single stall in the Crystal Mall food court, I decided to order a roast pork and guai-fei-chicken rice plate from Delicious B.B.Q. The thing with roast pork on BBQ rice plates that I dislike the most is that they are almost always cut up to pieces that are too small to be enjoyed. The pieces of roast pork in this rice plate continued with this … Continue reading Crystal Mall Food Court: Delicious BBQ

My favorite since age 10: Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. has been my favorite fast food restaurant since grade 4. Something happened during that year that forever endeared the restaurant to me…but I have forgotten what it was. All I remember is that I thought that their burgers were better tasting than burgers from McDee’s, Jack in the Crack, Dave’s daughter, Whopper King, and even that double-double-animal-style-secret-menu place. I had Carl’s Jr’s burgers at least twice a week as an afternoon snack, and I blossomed from a skin-on-bones-Tony-Hawk-body-type to a I’m-just-a-little-chubby-Kirby-Puckett build. Even though I no longer think that Carl’s Jr. serves the best-tasting fast food items, it … Continue reading My favorite since age 10: Carl’s Jr.

Isn’t this a HK Cafe?: Yuu Japanese Tapas

It is rare that I eat alone, but I had to when I visited Yuu Japanese Tapas last week. I had a meeting in Richmond that extended from early afternoon into dinner time. It was too late to drive home for dinner. I had to find a spot to dine by my lonesome. My original plan was to pick up a bahn mi from the Chinese-operated Vietnamese place next door, but I randomly changed my mind at the last minute and decided to give Yuu a try. Yuu looked like a HK cafe. It smelled liked a HK cafe. The … Continue reading Isn’t this a HK Cafe?: Yuu Japanese Tapas

New and Noteworthy: Marutama Ra-men

Today I visited the newest member of the west end ramen district: Marutama Ra-men. It is the second new ramen place with the kanji character ‘maru’ in its name to open in the west end the the past few months – with the other being Maruko. Unlike Maruko, Marutama comes to us with more of a ramen lineage. It is a the first North American branch of a modest chain of ramen restaurants that originated from Japan. Although the ramen-ya only has four branches in its native Japan, it has more than double that number of locations (10 including its … Continue reading New and Noteworthy: Marutama Ra-men