Present Tense Suck: Tung Hing Bakery

There are many things I don’t know about the city, like how this stretch of Kingsway, with Vietnamese storefronts slightly outnumbering their Anglo and Chinese counterparts, is known as Little Saigon. I also have no idea that Tung Hing Bakery is supposed to be a bahn mi destination. The present tense gives me goose bumps in a bad way. I type in the present tense and I tensely cringe. I can’t. Formal designations gives me expectations. I see the words “Little Saigon”…strike that. I am not “seeing” the words “Little Saigon”. I saw them. I saw the words on one … Continue reading Present Tense Suck: Tung Hing Bakery

Expensive or Well-Priced? Forage

My wife and I took the kids to the newly opened Forage for brunch today. I thought that the items we ordered were well-priced while my wife thought that the menu items were priced too high for what we were served and for what the restaurant was. What, exactly, is the type of restaurant that Forage strives to be? A mid-range non-chain restaurant that rides the bandwagon of the local, self-reliant, sustainable, and omni-conscious food trend. The name of the restaurant pretty much explains its philosophy, but I really would’ve liked it if our server (or some other employee from … Continue reading Expensive or Well-Priced? Forage

Madrid: L’Entrecote

  When it came time for me to have my first meal after suffering from the effects of food poisoning and not eating solid foods for two and a half days in foreign country, I chose to have steak. My wife did not think that it was such a good idea for me to go all-in with my first meal after being ill, but I had become so drunk with hunger that I wasn’t thinking straight. I assured her that I was feeling 100% and promised that I would not order my steak rare. L’entrecote was one of the several … Continue reading Madrid: L’Entrecote

Barcelona: Cinc Sentits

While doing research on restaurants to visit in Barcelona, Cinc Sentits was the one restaurant (other than Tickets, of course) that really piqued my interest. I was interested in the restaurant not because it currently owns a Michelin star – I’ve been to my share of restaurants awarded with one, two, and even three Michelin stars. I was interested in the restaurant because it was a Michelin-starred restaurant in the culinary hotbed of Barcelona owned, operated, and helmed in the kitchen by Canadians. How often do you get a chance to visit a Canadian-run Michelin-starred restaurant?¬†Granted, the Artal siblings that … Continue reading Barcelona: Cinc Sentits

Portion Control Included For No Extra Charge

Mangia E Bevi – For some reason, crossing the Lion’s Gate Bridge on a gloomy, hard-raining day feels like breaching the boundary between anytown USA and the land of the zombies. The simple 10 minute journey from my house to the West End seemingly becomes an arduous journey full of pitfalls and perils. On those days, my mind tries its best to psych itself out of going across the bridge to a destination in which almost endless options for satisfying my hunger exist. On those days, I often choose to try out one of the several genre-abiding restaurants on Marine … Continue reading Portion Control Included For No Extra Charge

Barcelona: Generic Paella

I think it was around our third or fourth day in Spain that my wife reminded me that it would be odd for us to visit Spain without trying paella. We were at the city’s most iconic tourist attraction at the time, and we decided we would just walk in to one of the numerous tourist-trap restaurants around the attraction for our first “authentic” paella experience. It was probably not the smartest thing to do, but we reasoned that the dish was probably the one dish that was least likely to be screwed up by the tourist-trap places because it … Continue reading Barcelona: Generic Paella

A Flavour Disappointment

L’abattoir – I have been looking forward to my dinner tonight at L’abattoir. The restaurant looked and sounded promising on paper (LCD). It was an informal restaurant set in the city’s first jail and had a short and focused menu consisting of classical ingredients and classical sauces with a modern, haute twist. I’ve been to these types of restaurant countless times before in many a North American city. More often than not, the food served at these restaurants is imaginative, passionate, and tended to appeal more to the emotions of the diner than equally popular restaurants serving modernist cuisine. Modernist … Continue reading A Flavour Disappointment