Kyoto: Japanese Night Market

I’ve been to my share of night markets in Taiwan and I plan on visiting one of the night markets in Richmond when I return at the end of August, but I never expected to visit a night market on my most recent trip to Japan. I didn’t even know that they had night markets in Japan until my wife, kids, and I walked into one while we were visiting one of the must-visit Shinto temples in Kyoto. This was what we expected to see: We actually were able to see what we went to the temple to see, but … Continue reading Kyoto: Japanese Night Market

Kyoto: Japanese Soft Serve

Japanese soft serve ice cream is basically the same as the soft serve ice cream that I’ve had every where else in ┬áthe world. There are good versions and bad versions. The version that my family and I had in the tourist-centric street leading up to the Kiyomizu-dera temple in Kyoto happened be the most enjoyable soft serve ice cream that we had during our most recent trip to Japan. It looked and felt pretty ordinary, and it even melted in the ordinary amount of time. It was also offered in pretty ordinary (for Japanese ice cream) flavours. We had … Continue reading Kyoto: Japanese Soft Serve

Kyoto: Ikkousha Hakata Ramen

What do you do when you get rejected as a walk-in by an empty Michelin-starred unagi restaurant? Head straight for ramen row, of course. Kyoto’s version of the ramen row takes up an entire floor in one of the numerous buildings connected to Kyoto station. It consists entirely of branches of well-known ramen shops from all over Japan. The concept of the ramen row (or (substitute a specific type of Japanese food) row) is not unique to Kyoto. There is one below Tokyo station that I’ve been to and there is also a ramen museum in Yokohama which is basically … Continue reading Kyoto: Ikkousha Hakata Ramen