Drowning. Fear and helplessness quickly takes over as you realize that oxygen is no longer easily accessible. You realize that oxygen is a distant luxury that you may never get to enjoy again. The marine life that occasionally and randomly happen upon your future-corpse, of course, do not have the slightest idea what drowning feels like. They know no life other than that of the submerged. The poor, helpless souls of the thousands of protesters currently on the streets in Hong Kong must have some idea that their struggle to stay afloat amidst the influx of their mainland compatriots and … Continue reading Identity

Crystal Mall Food Court: 99 BBQ House

Meat on sticks grilled over an open fire in the food court of an Asian/Chinese mall. Say What? Is this Legal? Am I in a night market? Am I in China? Answers: Chinese yakitori. Yes. No, but close. No, and not quite close. It wasn’t mealtime and I was on my way home. But one look at the pictures in front of the stall and I knew I had to get some skewers for takeout. At the very least, I had to get the all-to-familiar-to-me grilled chicken hearts. And at the other end of the spectrum…I had to try out … Continue reading Crystal Mall Food Court: 99 BBQ House

Crystal Mall Food Court: Delicious BBQ

I normally do not do Cantonese BBQ meat rice plates because their portion sizes never seem to satisfy me. But since I’m making it a goal of mine to try out the food from every single stall in the Crystal Mall food court, I decided to order a roast pork and guai-fei-chicken rice plate from Delicious B.B.Q. The thing with roast pork on BBQ rice plates that I dislike the most is that they are almost always cut up to pieces that are too small to be enjoyed. The pieces of roast pork in this rice plate continued with this … Continue reading Crystal Mall Food Court: Delicious BBQ

Barbecue Blues: Memphis Blues Barbecue Restaurant.

Southern barbecue is not exactly my cup of tea (“plate of meat” might be more appropriate here). I like smoked meat and grilled meat and sausage and brisket and ribs and all, but I’m not really into most barbecue sauces. Unfortunately (for me), the overwhelming majority of barbecue served away from the south(ern United States) is of the wet-and-slathered-with-bbq-sauce variety. It is relatively uncommon for local non-barbecue-specialized restaurants to serve  “dry” southern barbecue. Lucky for me, there are southern-bbq-focused restaurants such as Memphis Blues, which gives diners a choice between “wet” and “dry” barbecue by serving their barbecued meats “dry” … Continue reading Barbecue Blues: Memphis Blues Barbecue Restaurant.

El Matador

Gyu Kaku – Whenever I see signs or ads for Gyu-Kaku, I am always reminded of Matadors. It’s probably because the two Chinese/Kanji characters in the name of the restaurant have the literal meaning of  “bull’s horns” in either Japanese or Chinese. When I think of bull horns, I think of them on a bull that’s charging towards a gracefully moving matador. The matador teases the bull, dancing left and right with his fancy footwork while the red muleta he holds dances around with him. When the matador is tired of toying with the raging bull, he spears the bull. … Continue reading El Matador

I’ll follow you to the happy place, wherever that might be…

Day 9 – Parker Place Meat & B.B.Q. + egg balls and bubble tea Driving along No. 3 Rd. after taking the kids bowling, we randomly stopped at Parker Place looking for a snack and a beverage. We had never been there but thought that it might have some sort of a food court inside, judging from the fact that it was an indoor mall. We entered from the back so it wasn’t immediately clear to us where the food court would be. We first tried going right and after negotiating the maze-like hallways, we hit a dead end. Like … Continue reading I’ll follow you to the happy place, wherever that might be…

My Happy Place

Day 1: HK BBQ Master           I still remember how I was introduced to HK BBQ Master. It was around mid-September, a month after I moved here. My wife and I were sitting in our rental car at the parking lot of the local big box do-it-yourself hardware store overcome with hunger. It had been 4 hours after our last bites of breakfast and whatever energy that were injected into us from that meal was quickly being depleted. I could barely move my limbs and I felt like each of my senses were becoming duller with each … Continue reading My Happy Place