Overrated and Overpriced? Part III: Miku

People hate on Miku for a variety of reasons. Some dislike its dressed-up, non-traditional sushi; some are put off by its high prices; some do not care for its chain-like atmosphere; some cannot accept the fact that its sushi bar and kitchen is staffed by “staff chefs” instead of traditional, middle-aged Japanese itamaes; some are repulsed by its fusion dishes; some liken it to a cheap knockoff of Nobu. I like Miku. Actually, let me rephrase that. I think Miku serves the most flavourful sushi in town. I like it better than Nobu, and I think that its menu items … Continue reading Overrated and Overpriced? Part III: Miku

Context and Perspective: Dinesty on Robson

It’s funny how a different perspective and proper context quickly alters one’s prior opinions. I was quite enamored with the food I was served at Dinesty’s Richmond location the first few times that I dined there. I thought that it was one of the best Taiwanese restaurants that I’ve ever visited in North America. But after taking a few visitors from Taiwan to this restaurant, my high regard for Dinesty was put into context. Every single visitor that I took to the restaurant thought that the food there was unremarkable. Although none of them disagreed with my assessment that the … Continue reading Context and Perspective: Dinesty on Robson

Chirashi Attack! Juno (Vancouver Sushi Bistro)

I checked out Juno’s online menu yesterday and confirmed that they had chirashi on their menu. I then relayed this information to my wife. We quickly agreed to designate our lunch today as a “healthy lunch” and drove down to Juno for our CHIRASHI ATTACK! As expected, the restaurant was small. What I did not expect was for the restaurant to be completely empty at 12:00 P.M. We came here for the chirashi and the restaurant offered two versions on their menu: the $10 regular chirashi (which was on special) and the $16 deluxe chirashi. Since we wanted to sample the … Continue reading Chirashi Attack! Juno (Vancouver Sushi Bistro)

Chirashi Attack! Sushi Mart

My wife and I have been on a chirashi binge for the past month and half in an effort to increase our consumption of fish and decrease our dependence on meat from land-dwelling creatures (our attempt at  “eating healthier”). After trying our fair share of orders of chirashi from various local sushi places, I would have to give the nod to Sushi Mart for serving up the best local chirashi in terms of value, quality of ingredients, and serving size. This is the chirashi we keep going back to after being repeated disappointed by the chirashi from other sushi joints. … Continue reading Chirashi Attack! Sushi Mart

Overrated and Overpriced? Part II: Tojo’s

Tojo’s has become the poster child for local overrated and overpriced restaurants. The consensus from local foodies and food bloggers seems to be that the restaurant serves average-quality sushi with prices so high that they border on being unconscionable. I’ve been to Tojo’s a couple of times since moving here, and I have to say that I agree with the popular assessment of the restaurant. Even though I was definitely entertained by my conversation with Tojo when I sat at the sushi bar, I didn’t think that it was worth the $200-$250 per person that we were charged. With two … Continue reading Overrated and Overpriced? Part II: Tojo’s

Overrated and Overpriced? Part I: Cioppino’s

Cioppino’s – My wife and I dine out way more often for lunch than we do for dinner. This means that we don’t get a chance to try some of the more highly-regarded local restaurants that only offer dinner service. Cioppino’s falls into that category. It also happens to fall under the category of being regarded by some as overrated and overpriced, which will be the focus of my reviews for the next few days. My wife and I have actually made one previous visit to Cioppino’s and we quite liked the food we were served. The prices were a … Continue reading Overrated and Overpriced? Part I: Cioppino’s

The Great Canadian Burger

Harvey’s – (Note: This post was written prior to my “reboot”.) Okay, I might be (grossly) overstating it in the title of this post. But Harvey’s was the ONE burger that my wife missed during our eleven years away from the country. She missed how she could customize the accompaniments and condiments of a Harvey’s burger just like a Subway sub. Although I didn’t particularly miss their burgers, I did miss being able to choose between their burgers or Church’s fried chicken at their locations in the GTA (during the 90’s…I have not been back recently so I don’t know … Continue reading The Great Canadian Burger