Quality or quantity for nine fifty? Nosherie

When the weather starts getting cold and the rain starts getting relentless, when their combined effects contribute to the attrition of the walkers of the sidewalk, the jaywalkers of the pavement, and the tourists who did not rent cars, when the act of simply walking from point A to point B for any and all purposes turns from a joy to being unbearable, THAT is the exact moment when walking into a restaurant becomes magical. Walking into the restaurant, you feel a warmth that not only comes from the artificial, man-made heat-generating systems in the building, but you also feel … Continue reading Quality or quantity for nine fifty? Nosherie

Bagels and Smoked Meat: Rosemary Rocksalt

New York bagels: excellent. Montreal bagels: excellent. Boston bagels: good. Toronto bagels: good. L.A. bagels: mediocre. Vancouver bagels: mediocre. Conclusion: bagels suck on the west coast. After visiting the newly opened Rosemary Rocksalt on Lonsdale in North Van this afternoon, I am going to revise my conclusion. New conclusion: most bagels taste like dirt on the west coast, but there are a few gems within this sea of dirt. Rosemary Rocksalt is one of them (a gem, not dirt). The bagels sold (and made) at Rosemary Rocksalt are the real deal. They are indistinguishable in flavour and texture to the … Continue reading Bagels and Smoked Meat: Rosemary Rocksalt

Tempted To Make A Pun: Hubbub Sandwiches

I will not make a pun using the word hubbub. I will try not to even though there was a crowd at the restaurant, who happened to be making a fair bit of noise… Hubbub Sandwiches was BUSY when I visited it to pick up a few sandwiches for lunch yesterday. It was my first visit inside the restaurant and I was a little surprised at how hipster-esque its interior, employees, and clientele were -much like Meat And Bread. But my impression might not be entirely since I was illegally parked outside and spent a  maximum of 80 seconds in … Continue reading Tempted To Make A Pun: Hubbub Sandwiches

Satisfying? Yes. Amazing? No.

Chez Meme Baguette Bistro – I think I’ve been spoiled by the numerous amazing bahn mi’s that I’ve had in the Veitnamese-expat-heavy cities that I have lived in during the past decade. The combination of the French baguette and French pate, Vietnamese pickled vegetables, cilantro, and chilies, Asian/European cold cuts, animal fat, and (sometimes) fried eggs creates such an amazing synergy that is nothing less than amazing. Compared with better versions of bahn mi that I’ve had, most other baguette-based sandwiches (including ones I’ve had in France) seemed lacking. So even though I’ve read and heard rave reviews about the … Continue reading Satisfying? Yes. Amazing? No.

Fieri Has Failed Me Again

Tomahawk Restaurant – I didn’t feel like crossing the Lion’s Gate Bridge today, so I decided to head over to north van and have lunch at Tomahawk Restaurant. I have had breakfast there before, but I wanted to give some of their non-breakfast items a try today. Like other restaurants that have been featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, the restaurant has gained some online hype after being on the show. But its popularity seems to have stayed the same. On weekends, there is at least a 30-40 minute for brunch, which I gathered was the case before the restaurant … Continue reading Fieri Has Failed Me Again

Homemade Porchetta Redux

After my not-so-successful attempt at making homemade porchetta sandwiches a few days ago,  I felt that I had to have a second go at it to see if I could improve upon the results of my first attempt with the lessons I learned from it. My plan was to switch up both the bread and the roast pork to versions that I speculated would make better components for a tasty porchetta sandwich. The roast pork that I used last time, though very tasty, was too lean and too dry. I decided that I would get a more tender cut this … Continue reading Homemade Porchetta Redux

Homemade Porchetta Sandwich

I’m not much of a cook. My culinary claim to fame is the backyard BBQ grilled steak, which involves nothing more than putting the steaks on the grill, waiting a few minutes, flipping the steaks, waiting a few more minutes, and taking them off the grill. For me to attempt at making any food item, the item itself must come with detailed instructions that I could follow to a ‘T’, or it must be so easy to make that even my three-year-old son would have no trouble making it. The porchetta sandwich looked like an easy-enough item that even I … Continue reading Homemade Porchetta Sandwich