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Kobe: Taiyaki

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I visited Kobe for one reason and one reason only: to sample real Kobe beef. I achieved the goal by visiting a teppanyaki restaurant specializing in Kobe beef and I quite enjoyed my experience there (…more to come on this … Continue reading

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Osaka: Only At Theme Parks

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I’ve been to my share of theme parks and amusement parks, and I’ve basically seen and tasted most of the food items they have to offer. They usually offer giant-sized, overly sweet, or overly oily items like churros, funnel cakes, … Continue reading

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Taipei: My Favorite Thai Restaurant in Taipei

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Sukhothai restaurant, located in the Taipei Sheraton Hotel, is my favorite Thai restaurant in Taiwan. Its combination of decent service, best-in-genre atmosphere, and impeccable food has made it the only Thai restaurant that I would visit whenever I’m back in … Continue reading

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Osaka: An All-Crab Kaiseki at Kani Doraku

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It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say the Kani Doraku is the most iconic restaurant in Osaka. No matter where you look – whether it be travel websites, travel magazines, or travel guidebooks – the giant crab that is a … Continue reading

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Bad Poutine, Good Albacore, and Average Everything Else

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The Oakwood Canadian Bistro- I only know of the existence of The Oakwood Canadian Bistro because I happened upon its review while going through the food section of The Globe and Mail’s website. The review made the restaurant’s version of … Continue reading

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Taipei: Food From The Center Of Taiwan

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There is a class of restaurants in Taiwan where the owner tries to impose his/her own philosophies, ideologies, world views, and personality on the diners who visit his/her restaurant. The owner is usually charismatic, often spewing out his or her … Continue reading

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Osaka: Ice Candy

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  I’m going to complete the iced treats trifecta today with Hokkyoku ‘ice candy’. What Hokkyoku calls ice candy is known in our part of the world as a popsicle. Instead of their popsicles being distributed to the numerous convenience … Continue reading

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