Roast Pork: Top King BBQ and Meat Co.

As a lifelong addict of roast pork, I have never walked by a HK BBQ joint without mentally placing it on my ‘places I must try’ list. With the countless times that I’ve visited Crystal Mall and walked by Top King BBQ and Meat Co. since moving to the GVRD, and with the equally countless times that I’ve repeatedly made mental notes to give the place a try,  its a minor miracle that I have yet to sample its roast pork… Actually, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this: Since I tend to visit The Crystal Mall on Saturdays after … Continue reading Roast Pork: Top King BBQ and Meat Co.

Food Trucks: Vij’s Railway Express

I haven’t been keeping up with my plan of getting more intimate with local food trucks – which is rather regrettable considering that they are fast becoming a major part of the local food scene. I fear that if I don’t start getting a move on sampling the food from more local food trucks, I will miss out on this important culinary movement entirely. So I thought that I’d start immediately. Immediately meant today. I started with Vij’s Railway Express because it was at the top of my long-forgotten list of food trucks to try. Since almost everyone and their … Continue reading Food Trucks: Vij’s Railway Express

Sushi Town-Lite: Sushi Oyama

If nothing else, the fact that Sushi Oyama is located in an older and larger house makes it stick out prominently among the rows upon rows of generic and unremarkable strip malls and ground floor storefronts on Kingsway in metrotown. Every time that we drive by the building that the restaurant is housed in, my daughter comments that it would be ‘pretty awesome’ if we could have a meal at the ‘mansion’. But my wife and I have never seriously considered having a meal there because the facade of the building seemed somewhat weird and uninviting. The building looked more … Continue reading Sushi Town-Lite: Sushi Oyama

Proteins and Scallions: Chui

Great tasting food is the primary reason that influences my decision on whether or not to revisit a restaurant. I am willing to overlook A LOT of other unpleasant factors about a restaurant if it serves me delicious food. On the flip side, if the food that I receive at a certain restaurant happens to not be spectacularly tasty, I tend to look harder at the other elements of the dining experience. I focus on the dining environment, the menu prices, the portion sizes, and the level of service. A restaurant that scores above average in most of these categories … Continue reading Proteins and Scallions: Chui

Wines Organic, Cheap, and Young: Villa Teresa Veneto Merlot 2011

I’ve been so busy focusing on trying Argentinean and Australian wines for the past few years that I’ve totally neglected those from traditional powerhouse wine-producing countries such as Italy. In fact, I think it has been at least six months since I’ve had my last bottle of super Tuscan. I usually skip over the European sections at my local wine shop and go straight for the Australian and South American sections. Skipping over the Italian section was exactly what I intended to do during my most recent trip to my local liquor store. But as I walked past it, something … Continue reading Wines Organic, Cheap, and Young: Villa Teresa Veneto Merlot 2011

“Vietnamese-lite”: One Saigon

I found out about One Saigon while waiting for a table at ShiZen Ya next door. I noticed that the tiny Vietnamese place had the “must-try” trifecta: all of its tables were occupied, a sizable lineup of diners were waiting to order and purchase food, and an equally sizable crowd was hanging around waiting for their takeout orders. I went back to One Saigon a few days later with my wife and son to see if its food was good enough to justify its popularity. Hoping to avoid the long queue and subsequent long wait for food, we arrived at the … Continue reading “Vietnamese-lite”: One Saigon

Taipei: Ding Wang Hotpot

Ding Wang has been one of the hottest (in terms of popularity) hot pot restaurants in Taiwan for the past few years. The restaurant originated in Taichung, became extremely popular, and subsequently expanded to the culinary big leagues of Taipei. Because of Ding Wang’s stellar reputation, it took relatively short time for the restaurant to ascend to the upper echelons of Taipei’s hot pot scene. As great as everyone thinks the hot pot at Ding Wang was, my wife and I were not fans of their food when we made our only visit there around two years ago. We thought … Continue reading Taipei: Ding Wang Hotpot