Attention To Detail: Potter’s Garden

I have to tell the truth. My wife and I decided to visit Potter’s Garden today not because we particularly liked the restaurant’s food, we visited Potter’s Garden to satisfy our son’s intense desire for Korean short ribs. My family has dined at Potter’s Garden on one previous occasion, and we thought that the restaurant served decent but unspectacular Korean food. The items we ordered on our first visit did not impress us enough for us to put the restaurant on our regular dining rotation. Although I do not remember much about the food that my family had during our … Continue reading Attention To Detail: Potter’s Garden

Proteins and Scallions: Chui

Great tasting food is the primary reason that influences my decision on whether or not to revisit a restaurant. I am willing to overlook A LOT of other unpleasant factors about a restaurant if it serves me delicious food. On the flip side, if the food that I receive at a certain restaurant happens to not be spectacularly tasty, I tend to look harder at the other elements of the dining experience. I focus on the dining environment, the menu prices, the portion sizes, and the level of service. A restaurant that scores above average in most of these categories … Continue reading Proteins and Scallions: Chui

Cheap From Top To Bottom And Inside Out: Norboo

Up until last week, I was never able to provide my wife a reason as to why we should visit Norboo for a meal. There never seemed to be any diners inside whenever we happened to walk or drive by the restaurant, and its interior looked extremely worn-out and run-down on the instances when we stopped and peeked inside. None of what we observed suggested to my wife that the restaurant was one that was worth visiting. Being someone who is always curious about the restaurants I have not seen but not visited, the need to try out the restaurant … Continue reading Cheap From Top To Bottom And Inside Out: Norboo

Real Korean Flavours: Chosun B.B.Q. Korean Restaurant

I was going through pictures of meals that I have not had a chance to post about and came upon the photographs of my family’s most recent non-B.B.Q. meal at Chosun B.B.Q. Korean Restaurant, the elder sibling of the more Japanese-cuisine-leaning Yakiniku Chosun. I was a little surprised by the flavours and textures that the pictures brought up from the stacks of my long-term memory. For example, the kalbi (short-ribs) we ordered very much resembled the kalbi that came on the bibimbap at Yakiniku Chosun. These short ribs were almost as wet as the ones from the restaurant’s West End … Continue reading Real Korean Flavours: Chosun B.B.Q. Korean Restaurant

Another New Kid On The Block: Yakiniku Chosun

Yakiniku Chosun is the third newly opened restaurant in the same city block that I’ve visited in as many days. I don’t think I’ve visited three new restaurants on three consecutive days before; I know I’ve never visited three new restaurants in the same block in the same week (or even the same month). Yakiniku Chosun was actually the first of the three new restaurants on the block to open its doors to paying customers, and it happened to the last of the three that I visited. It is also the sister restaurant to Guydonya further down Robson street, and … Continue reading Another New Kid On The Block: Yakiniku Chosun

Variety Is The Spice of Lunch

Dae Bak Bon Ga- Unlike my unplanned visit last night to Ramen Sanpachi, my visit to Dae Bak Bon Ga for lunch today was totally planned. I had planned on having a lighter lunch consisting of  a Korean soup or stew with some pickled veggies and a bowl of rice. I wanted to have a lighter lunch so that I would have enough room in my digestive system for my planned dinner a Fraiche tonight, which I presumed would be rather filling as I had my mind set on ordering their adventurous degustation. I was surprised at how big its … Continue reading Variety Is The Spice of Lunch

The Second Time’s The Charm

Hanwoori – The weather was great today. Temperatures were in the low twenties; the sun was out in full force unimpeded by any clouds; and the winds were mellowed out. It looked to be a perfect day for some outdoor activities. I could take the kids hiking, biking, to the park, or even do some urban exploring….But alas, it was Saturday. And Saturday meant a family lunch in Burnaby followed by Mandarin school for my daughter. Unlike the past few weeks – when I had to do a bit of online research to find a restaurant to go to – … Continue reading The Second Time’s The Charm