Taipei: Fresh And Aged – December 2014

I know what I want. I dream about it. I daydream about it. The images are vivid and the images are not just images. They are 8K resolution real. They are smell-o-matically aromatic. They are taste-buds-plugged-into-Oculus-Rift-Ten.Point.OH MY HALLUCINATING brain cells aromatically real. Damn those foodstuffs in Taipei. They infect your mind like twenty days before you actually get there. And then when your plane lands at around 5 A.M. all you can think about is getting to where you’re staying so that you can dump your luggage and drive or walk or take a taxi or take the MRT to … Continue reading Taipei: Fresh And Aged – December 2014

Taipei: 55 day dry-aged ribeye at Fresh and Aged

Ever since reading about the 240-day dry aged steak at Carnevino in Las Vegas about five years ago, I’ve had countless 5K-resolution-oculus-rift-real dreams where I was almost able to put a piece of that eight-month-dry-aged-ethereal-slab-of-protein inside my mouth. Almost. Every single dream ends with me frustratingly awake realizing that I was no more closer to trying that piece of bovine perfection than when I first read about it. My pathetic steak routine usually revolves around the standard 21 to 28 day dry aged prime-grade beef from some name-unknown-to-me industrial butcher in Alberta. Every once in a while I get lucky … Continue reading Taipei: 55 day dry-aged ribeye at Fresh and Aged

Kobe: Real Kobe Beef at Royal Mouriya

The term “Kobe Beef” has become an abused and overused cliche in North America. I’m sure all of you have visited countless restaurants that serve “Kobe” burgers. I’m also sure that you all know that the “Kobe” in the Kobe burgers is nothing more than a descriptive word used to make a burger patty made of Canadian AA beef/USDA choice (or most likely USDA select) beef sound better than it tastes. Some restaurants in the US and Canada claim that they serve “authentic” Kobe beef that come from wagyu cattle whose lineage can be ultimately traced to Japan, but they … Continue reading Kobe: Real Kobe Beef at Royal Mouriya

No Redeeming Quality: Steak Redemption at Earl’s

I’m quite gullible when it comes to ads, commercials, and promotions. I never seem to be able to resist being seduced by the obviously-dressed-up-but-nonetheless-mouthwatering food pics in online and print media ads. Once I see the ads, I get an instant, overwhelming urge to visit the restaurant or store named in the ads.  The same applies for menu inserts and supplements at chain restaurants. As soon as I see the pornographic close-ups of whatever menu item being promoted, I instantly become mad with food lust and proceed to order the item. Earl’s took a dual-pronged approach in promoting their ‘steak … Continue reading No Redeeming Quality: Steak Redemption at Earl’s

Chirashi Attack! Juno (Vancouver Sushi Bistro)

I checked out Juno’s online menu yesterday and confirmed that they had chirashi on their menu. I then relayed this information to my wife. We quickly agreed to designate our lunch today as a “healthy lunch” and drove down to Juno for our CHIRASHI ATTACK! As expected, the restaurant was small. What I did not expect was for the restaurant to be completely empty at 12:00 P.M. We came here for the chirashi and the restaurant offered two versions on their menu: the $10 regular chirashi (which was on special) and the $16 deluxe chirashi. Since we wanted to sample the … Continue reading Chirashi Attack! Juno (Vancouver Sushi Bistro)

Madrid: L’Entrecote

  When it came time for me to have my first meal after suffering from the effects of food poisoning and not eating solid foods for two and a half days in foreign country, I chose to have steak. My wife did not think that it was such a good idea for me to go all-in with my first meal after being ill, but I had become so drunk with hunger that I wasn’t thinking straight. I assured her that I was feeling 100% and promised that I would not order my steak rare. L’entrecote was one of the several … Continue reading Madrid: L’Entrecote

Barcelona: A Generic Restaurant

The two and a half days in Spain that I was unable to eat because of food poisoning/stomach bug was a new and extremely interesting experience for me. Like everyone else, when I have a stomach flu or am otherwise unable to ingest solid food for a while, I will also be too weak to get out of bed – much less venture out of the house for a meal. But since we were on a trip to  a foreign country, it was necessary for me to suck it up a bit and visit the sites that needed to be … Continue reading Barcelona: A Generic Restaurant