Kyoto: Japanese Night Market

I’ve been to my share of night markets in Taiwan and I plan on visiting one of the night markets in Richmond when I return at the end of August, but I never expected to visit a night market on my most recent trip to Japan. I didn’t even know that they had night markets in Japan until my wife, kids, and I walked into one while we were visiting one of the must-visit Shinto temples in Kyoto. This was what we expected to see: We actually were able to see what we went to the temple to see, but … Continue reading Kyoto: Japanese Night Market

Suffering The Consequences of Selling Out

Japadog – I had/have a lot going on today so I couldn’t afford to spend a lot of time on a sit-down lunch. Since I had to drive through downtown around lunch time, I thought I would just grab a few hot dogs from Japadog for my lunch. The only Japadog location that I have been to prior to today was their Robson storefront. In total, I have visited the restaurant around  6 times. But 4 out of the 6 times I was just there so that my wife could purchase one of their spicy hot dogs. For me, the … Continue reading Suffering The Consequences of Selling Out