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Drowning. Fear and helplessness quickly takes over as you realize that oxygen is no longer easily accessible. You realize that oxygen is a distant luxury that you may never get to enjoy again. The marine life that occasionally and randomly … Continue reading

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Crystal Mall Food Court: Delicious BBQ

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I normally do not do Cantonese BBQ meat rice plates because their portion sizes never seem to satisfy me. But since I’m making it a goal of mine to try out the food from every single stall in the Crystal … Continue reading

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Roast Pork: Top King BBQ and Meat Co.

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As a lifelong addict of roast pork, I have never walked by a HK BBQ joint without mentally placing it on my ‘places I must try’ list. With the countless times that I’ve visited Crystal Mall and walked by Top … Continue reading

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Bad Poutine, Good Albacore, and Average Everything Else

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The Oakwood Canadian Bistro- I only know of the existence of The Oakwood Canadian Bistro because I happened upon its review while going through the food section of The Globe and Mail’s website. The review made the restaurant’s version of … Continue reading

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Homemade Porchetta Redux

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After my not-so-successful attempt at making homemade porchetta sandwiches a few days ago,  I felt that I had to have a second go at it to see if I could improve upon the results of my first attempt with the … Continue reading

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Homemade Porchetta Sandwich

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I’m not much of a cook. My culinary claim to fame is the backyard BBQ grilled steak, which involves nothing more than putting the steaks on the grill, waiting a few minutes, flipping the steaks, waiting a few more minutes, … Continue reading

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Japanese Dim Sum / No Outside Food Allowed

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Guu – Guu is one of those popular and highly-regarded chains that my wife and I just can’t seem to find a good meal at. Our first visit was to Guu Garlic and our experience was abysmal. We had poor … Continue reading

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