Drowning. Fear and helplessness quickly takes over as you realize that oxygen is no longer easily accessible. You realize that oxygen is a distant luxury that you may never get to enjoy again. The marine life that occasionally and randomly happen upon your future-corpse, of course, do not have the slightest idea what drowning feels like. They know no life other than that of the submerged. The poor, helpless souls of the thousands of protesters currently on the streets in Hong Kong must have some idea that their struggle to stay afloat amidst the influx of their mainland compatriots and … Continue reading Identity

Crystal Mall Food Court: Delicious BBQ

I normally do not do Cantonese BBQ meat rice plates because their portion sizes never seem to satisfy me. But since I’m making it a goal of mine to try out the food from every single stall in the Crystal Mall food court, I decided to order a roast pork and guai-fei-chicken rice plate from Delicious B.B.Q. The thing with roast pork on BBQ rice plates that I dislike the most is that they are almost always cut up to pieces that are too small to be enjoyed. The pieces of roast pork in this rice plate continued with this … Continue reading Crystal Mall Food Court: Delicious BBQ

Roast Pork: Top King BBQ and Meat Co.

As a lifelong addict of roast pork, I have never walked by a HK BBQ joint without mentally placing it on my ‘places I must try’ list. With the countless times that I’ve visited Crystal Mall and walked by Top King BBQ and Meat Co. since moving to the GVRD, and with the equally countless times that I’ve repeatedly made mental notes to give the place a try,  its a minor miracle that I have yet to sample its roast pork… Actually, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this: Since I tend to visit The Crystal Mall on Saturdays after … Continue reading Roast Pork: Top King BBQ and Meat Co.

Bad Poutine, Good Albacore, and Average Everything Else

The Oakwood Canadian Bistro- I only know of the existence of The Oakwood Canadian Bistro because I happened upon its review while going through the food section of The Globe and Mail’s website. The review made the restaurant’s version of poutine sound delicious enough that I made a mental note to try the restaurant as soon as I got a chance to. Of course, ‘as soon as I got a chance to’ became ‘as soon as I remembered that the restaurant even existed’ after reading countless other restaurant reviews describing dishes that seemed to be equally as delicious as the … Continue reading Bad Poutine, Good Albacore, and Average Everything Else

Homemade Porchetta Redux

After my not-so-successful attempt at making homemade porchetta sandwiches a few days ago,  I felt that I had to have a second go at it to see if I could improve upon the results of my first attempt with the lessons I learned from it. My plan was to switch up both the bread and the roast pork to versions that I speculated would make better components for a tasty porchetta sandwich. The roast pork that I used last time, though very tasty, was too lean and too dry. I decided that I would get a more tender cut this … Continue reading Homemade Porchetta Redux

Homemade Porchetta Sandwich

I’m not much of a cook. My culinary claim to fame is the backyard BBQ grilled steak, which involves nothing more than putting the steaks on the grill, waiting a few minutes, flipping the steaks, waiting a few more minutes, and taking them off the grill. For me to attempt at making any food item, the item itself must come with detailed instructions that I could follow to a ‘T’, or it must be so easy to make that even my three-year-old son would have no trouble making it. The porchetta sandwich looked like an easy-enough item that even I … Continue reading Homemade Porchetta Sandwich

Japanese Dim Sum / No Outside Food Allowed

Guu – Guu is one of those popular and highly-regarded chains that my wife and I just can’t seem to find a good meal at. Our first visit was to Guu Garlic and our experience was abysmal. We had poor service, bland dishes, and extremely dry rice. Guu Garden wasn’t much better. We did get good service, but the food was once again inferior to competitors like Kingyo and Suika. After two visits, we really couldn’t figure out what it was about their food that people liked. But we were not about to give up after only two tries. We … Continue reading Japanese Dim Sum / No Outside Food Allowed