Not A Sea Lover

C-Lover’s Fish and Chips – Fish and chips: not something that I eat often. Even though I’ve hardly ever met a deep fried item that I don’t agree with, fish is the one thing that I think is better when it is not deep fried. First and foremost, I like to eat raw fish; preferably with some rice below it. If it’s not served raw, then I need it to be steamed – with scallions and soy sauce; some ginger would be nice too. Deep fried fish? I’ll only eat it if it’s absolutely necessary; if there’s no better choice. … Continue reading Not A Sea Lover

Almost Cafeteria Quality at Rodizio Prices

Rio- One of the few things that caught me off guard while I was living in Boston was its demographics. As I have mentioned before, there was a surprisingly large Thai community in Boston. What was even more surprising to me was that there was an even larger Brazilian community. The existence of a large Brazilian community meant the existence of a Brazilian micro-economy that comprised of services, shops, and restaurants that catered to the expats. Non-Brazilians like myself benefited from this micro-economy because we were able to tap into authentic Brazilian culture by visiting the Brazilian businesses. Before Boston, … Continue reading Almost Cafeteria Quality at Rodizio Prices