Tokyo: Al Dente

On the third, or maybe fourth night of a trip you feel tired. It’s dinnertime and you don’t particularly feel any sort of hunger, but the kids need to eat. And you know you need to eat because eventually you will be hungry, and when that eventuality comes ¬†you know that you won’t be able to go out to eat because the kids will be asleep. So, of course, the best course of action would be to go out right now. To find a spot that’s not particularly busy and not particularly popular but particularly close by because all you … Continue reading Tokyo: Al Dente

Something a food slob like me enjoys: Italian Kitchen

The size. The dimensions. The proportions. The perception. I’m not good at estimating distances or heft or volume or bigness or smallness or square footage or anything like that. Driving by Park Royal everyday and watching the workers build, decorate, furnish, and finish the tiny corner section of the first phase of its expansion abutting Marine Drive, and knowing that it was to be the location of Glowbal’s latest expansion of its local restaurant empire, I had a difficult time imagining how such a slice of land could ever become a restaurant that possesses a size significant enough to generate … Continue reading Something a food slob like me enjoys: Italian Kitchen

The Pizza Strikes Back: Via Tevere Pizzeria

I didn’t really visit Via Tevere Pizzeria after being thoroughly seduced by the meat pide at Anatolia’s Gate. I wish that I did. Being pulled back onto the righteous path by a proper Neapolitan pie would’ve made for a better, more dramatic story. The truth is that I visited Via Tevere Pizzeria a week prior to my meat pide revelation. It was not until I was typing up the title to my post on Anatolia’s Gate that I was reminded of how thoroughly satisfying my dining experience was at Via Tevere Pizzeria. I didn’t even mind queuing up for 25 … Continue reading The Pizza Strikes Back: Via Tevere Pizzeria

Chain: Joey Burrard

Is this place called Joey Burrard or Joey on Burrard or just Joey? My daughter asked me before we arrived at the restaurant if the restaurant had pictures of kangaroos on their walls and I told her that I didn’t know. What I knew was that Joey was probably the only local chain restaurant that I have not visited since moving to the local area. I know I’ve mentioned it several times before, but it never hurts to mention it one more time: local chain restaurants rock. Every time I visit a Cactus Club or an Earls, I am reminded … Continue reading Chain: Joey Burrard

Neapolitan Pizza: Cotto Enoteca

There are streaky goalies in hockey, streaky shooters in basketball, streaky hitters in baseball, streaky strikers in soccer, and there’s me: a streaky eater. A few months ago I was on a chirashi eating streak; more recently I’ve been streakily visiting Neapolitan pizza restaurants. Today I convinced my wife and son to visit Cotto Enoteca with me. I wanted to try out their VPN (virtual private network?? actually it stands for verace pizza napoletana) certified pizzas. VPN certification does not automatically guarantee a good-tasting pizza, but it does guarantee that the pizza is made with approved raw materials/ingredients and within … Continue reading Neapolitan Pizza: Cotto Enoteca

Japanese Pasta: SpagheTei

I’m a fan of Japanese pasta. I have it often when I am in Taiwan and whenever I visit Japan. Japanese ingredients such as miso and soy sauce match incredibly well with pasta in noodle form. The usual Japanese attention to detail and care in consistent execution lead to reliably high-quality-non-messed-up pasta at almost every Japanese pasta place I’ve visited. I was quite excited when I found out through online chatter that a Japanese pasta place was opening up locally. The only problem was that the online rumors were not specific with a location of the place, other than that … Continue reading Japanese Pasta: SpagheTei

The Burger Chronicles: Hamilton Street Grill

My ongoing quest for the best local burger brought me to Hamilton Street Grill for lunch today. I have read and heard good things about its burger, and I wanted to try it out for myself. I brought along the usual panel of weekday lunch taste-testers: my wife and my son. Both my son and I had different versions of their hamburger, while my wife had a pasta dish. In additional to our main courses, my wife and I also shared an order of the restaurant’s interpretation/implementation of the classic French Onion Soup. Both my wife and I agreed that … Continue reading The Burger Chronicles: Hamilton Street Grill