Yea, I’m back…courtesy of my daughter’s homework assignment and Tony’s Beef Noodles.

A funny thing happened as I was reviewing my daughter’s way too detailed literary arts homework assignment: I remembered my own way-too-detailed reviews in my long forgotten non-blog. Maybe I should take my own advice and condense everything down to the bare essentials so that I don’t potentially bog down the reader with descriptive, memorable, but ultimately superfluous details that would certainly not register in the limited neural connections of the human brain. OK. Back to the real world… Tony’s beef noodle – a.k.a brother Wang’s beef noodle a.k.a Wango’s…more phonetically accurate not to mention more personable – has been … Continue reading Yea, I’m back…courtesy of my daughter’s homework assignment and Tony’s Beef Noodles.

A (Partial) Introduction to Guizhou Cuisine: Yummy Mammy

Ever since I found out that there is a whole new world of regional Asian restaurants in the Burnaby/Vancouver border waiting for me to explore, I have insisted on staying for dinner in Burnaby every Saturday after picking my daughter up from Mandarin school. This Saturday we decided to try out cuisine from the Guizhou region of China at Yummy Mammy. I have to admit that I do not have a lot of experience with Guizhou cuisine. I know that Guizhou is a region inhabited by the indigenous Miao people and that there are a lot of sour flavours in … Continue reading A (Partial) Introduction to Guizhou Cuisine: Yummy Mammy

MSG Plaza Part 2: New Spicy Chili Restaurant

I normally don’t associate restaurants that serve authentic Szechuan cuisine with MSG. The dishes in Szechuan cuisine usually have such an overabundance of hot, spicy, and numbing flavours (mala flavours) that there is really not a need for the flavour-enhancing qualities of MSG. Actually, let me rephrase my previous statement. Although MSG is undoubtedly used in the dishes of Szechuan cuisine, its flavour usually does not become a focal point because it is much more subtle than the omnipresent ‘mala’ flavours. I wouldn’t have noticed that the dishes we ordered at New Spicy Chili were chock full of MSG if … Continue reading MSG Plaza Part 2: New Spicy Chili Restaurant

High-End Spicy: Golden Szechuan

Don’t you just hate it when you sit right next to the table of someone who drives a Ferrari? You get zero service. ZERO!!! I have nothing against Ferraris’ or their drivers; I enjoy admiring them as much as everyone else who walks by one parked in a parking lot. And I have nothing against their drivers. If they are successful enough (or, as is often the case with local Ferrari drivers, if their parents are successful enough for them) to afford to drive something that costs as much as a studio apartment (probably not locally, but in many major … Continue reading High-End Spicy: Golden Szechuan

You Don’t Need To Order Noodles To Enjoy Your Meal: Lucky Noodles

Sometimes you get so stuck in a particular thought pattern and mindset that you fail to see the numerous obvious options that are staring right at you. My mind happened to be stuck in the particularly pathetic logic of first trying to find restaurants to dine at in Burnaby and, upon failing to find an interesting-looking restaurant in the stretch of Kingsway between Swangard Stadium and Pearl House, concluding that there are simply no restaurants in the area worth trying anymore. This is a rather depressing thought since my daughter’s enrollment in a local Mandarin school means that my family … Continue reading You Don’t Need To Order Noodles To Enjoy Your Meal: Lucky Noodles

Taipei: Ding Wang Hotpot

Ding Wang has been one of the hottest (in terms of popularity) hot pot restaurants in Taiwan for the past few years. The restaurant originated in Taichung, became extremely popular, and subsequently expanded to the culinary big leagues of Taipei. Because of Ding Wang’s stellar reputation, it took relatively short time for the restaurant to ascend to the upper echelons of Taipei’s hot pot scene. As great as everyone thinks the hot pot at Ding Wang was, my wife and I were not fans of their food when we made our only visit there around two years ago. We thought … Continue reading Taipei: Ding Wang Hotpot

Finally, Real Chinese Food in West Van: Shanghai Village

There is a lack of quality Chinese food in West Van, so I was quite excited when I found out about Shanghai Village as I drove by its front doors on my way home one day. I was even more excited when I found out that it was an established and fairly well-regarded authentic Shanghainese restaurant transplanted from Vancouver proper. As excited as I was about finally having possibly good Chinese food within a ten minutes drive from my house, I didn’t visit Shanghai Village immediately. There were simply too many Chinese restaurants in the local metropolitan area on my … Continue reading Finally, Real Chinese Food in West Van: Shanghai Village