Homestyle Japanese: Aotoya Blue Door

As a food-crazed man, I’m a firm believer in fostering a strong curiosity of food in my offsprings. I want to accustom them to the multitude of flavour and textural profiles present in various cuisines so that I can nurture their inner bon vivant. I encourage them to be adventurous with regards to meal choices and to always opt for unfamiliar and possibly eye-opening dining experiences whenever possible. If the opportunity presents itself, I allow them to personally choose the dining adventure that they wish to embark on. …That’s actually bending the truth just a little bit. I got a … Continue reading Homestyle Japanese: Aotoya Blue Door

20th century pricing and a sublime roll: Shiro

If the 21st century was a person, it’d be a teenager now. I remember when I was a teenager in the 90’s…gas prices were around 50 cents a litre, an album on CD cost around $15 (or more) , and entrees at Japanese-owned Japanese restaurants were priced at the $6 to $8 range. A litre of gasoline was ridiculously priced at around $1.40 when I filled up my car a few days ago. Entire albums can be purchased for only about $10 on iTunes. An order of katsudon at Shiro was priced at seven-and-a-half dollars. No, that is not a … Continue reading 20th century pricing and a sublime roll: Shiro

Proteins and Scallions: Chui

Great tasting food is the primary reason that influences my decision on whether or not to revisit a restaurant. I am willing to overlook A LOT of other unpleasant factors about a restaurant if it serves me delicious food. On the flip side, if the food that I receive at a certain restaurant happens to not be spectacularly tasty, I tend to look harder at the other elements of the dining experience. I focus on the dining environment, the menu prices, the portion sizes, and the level of service. A restaurant that scores above average in most of these categories … Continue reading Proteins and Scallions: Chui

WTF Did We Just Eat? Ebi-Ten

I’ve always found so-called “fast food” places in Japan to be reliable because most of the quick-service chains in Japan have clearly-detailed standard operating procedures (SOP) as to how each menu item is to be prepared and assembled (much like McDee’s). A beef don will taste like a beef don no matter which Matsuya or Yoshinoya you visit; a bowl of Ippudo ramen tastes as good in New York, Singapore, and Taipei as it does in its native Fukuoka. SOP in the restaurant industry is supposed to make the highly-regarded food at commercially successful restaurants easy to replicate. But what … Continue reading WTF Did We Just Eat? Ebi-Ten

Chirashi Attack + ! Gyo-O

My wife and I are so committed to our chirashi-prioritized diet that we chose to have raw fish over rice for our dinner even when we were in Richmond – the land of amazingly tasty Chinese food. There seemed to be no better place to have our almost-thrice-weekly (yes, “thrice” is an actual word with an actual definition in at least one dictionary[site]) fix of chirashi than Gyo-O – a restaurant that supposedly specialized in various preparations of raw fish on rice. My wife went with the regular seafood don, which was the rather plain English name the restaurant assigned … Continue reading Chirashi Attack + ! Gyo-O

Osaka: Imai Honten, Tripadvisor’s No. 3 rated restaurant in Osaka

Imai Honten – Contrary to the title I gave to this post, I did not look up Imai Honten on tripadvisor before visiting it. If it wasn’t for my travel agent majorly screwing up my family’s plane reservations -resulting in our staying an extra two days in Osaka- my wife, kids, and I would never even have visited the restaurant. We came upon the restaurant while hungrily trying to find a place to eat at Dotonburi on our last night in Osaka. We narrowed our options down to The fugu place across the street and the very Japanese looking Imai … Continue reading Osaka: Imai Honten, Tripadvisor’s No. 3 rated restaurant in Osaka

Trying To Come Up With A Better Picture Of The Food

Applause Japanese Restaurant- After reviewing the pictures that I took of my family’s lunch at Applause Japanese Restaurant today, I have to say that they are truly awful. There were so many items on our table that I couldn’t take a picture of one item without five other items also making it into to the picture. Our table wasn’t crowded because it was too small. Quite the contrary, the four of us were given a table that could’ve easily seated six. Our table was crowded because there was a lot of food included in each of the four lunch specials … Continue reading Trying To Come Up With A Better Picture Of The Food