Bona Fide Pirates: Kyzock

They could not have been more honest about who they were and what they were about to do to you. Pirates. Kyzock(s). Thieves of the sea. For a few bucks more, they’ll give you a lot less than the competition. What a value proposition! They propose to rob you blind right in front of your eyes in broad daylight. High sea hijinks at the expense of the unaware consumer right in the core of downtown Vancouver within walking distance of the Pacific Ocean. I wonder where the five pieces of raw seafood that comprise the “Gorgeous Chirashi Don” that I … Continue reading Bona Fide Pirates: Kyzock

20th century pricing and a sublime roll: Shiro

If the 21st century was a person, it’d be a teenager now. I remember when I was a teenager in the 90’s…gas prices were around 50 cents a litre, an album on CD cost around $15 (or more) , and entrees at Japanese-owned Japanese restaurants were priced at the $6 to $8 range. A litre of gasoline was ridiculously priced at around $1.40 when I filled up my car a few days ago. Entire albums can be purchased for only about $10 on iTunes. An order of katsudon at Shiro was priced at seven-and-a-half dollars. No, that is not a … Continue reading 20th century pricing and a sublime roll: Shiro

Chirashi Attack + ! Gyo-O

My wife and I are so committed to our chirashi-prioritized diet that we chose to have raw fish over rice for our dinner even when we were in Richmond – the land of amazingly tasty Chinese food. There seemed to be no better place to have our almost-thrice-weekly (yes, “thrice” is an actual word with an actual definition in at least one dictionary[site]) fix of chirashi than Gyo-O – a restaurant that supposedly specialized in various preparations of raw fish on rice. My wife went with the regular seafood don, which was the rather plain English name the restaurant assigned … Continue reading Chirashi Attack + ! Gyo-O

Chirashi Attack! Kingyo Izakaya

I didn’t visit Kingyo for its chirashi. I didn’t even know it had a chirashi. I’ve been to Kingyo countless times and I have practically memorized its menu. I know for a fact that I’ve never seen the word “chirashi” on its lunch menu. My family visited Kingyo at the behest of my daughter; I went into the restaurant with the intent of ordering their daily makunochi lunch box. Before I could place my makunochi order, however, our server quickly introduced the restaurant’s monthly lunch special to my wife, kids, and I. Chirashi was their monthly special. CHIRASHI ATTACK!!! I, … Continue reading Chirashi Attack! Kingyo Izakaya

Chirashi Attack! Zero One Sushi

Zero One Sushi used to be my go-to place for raw fish bowls. But I totally buried the restaurant in the depths of my long-term-not-to-be-recalled-easily memory ever since that first bowl of chirashi from Sushi Mart. Although the freshness of ingredients and the substantial portion size of the chirashi from Sushi Mart definitely played a part in allowing it to become my new go-to chirashi place, its proximity to my home was probably the deciding factor. I probably would never have purchased another raw fish bowl from Zero One Sushi if my wife and I had not gone on our recent … Continue reading Chirashi Attack! Zero One Sushi

Chirashi Attack! Momo Sushi

Standards on what makes a restaurant and its dishes good vary greatly from one person to another. Some might think that value is of utmost importance, some prefer intimate surroundings, while others will consider no factor other than the freshness of ingredients. My wife and I have developed our own preferences and standards as to how we like certain foods, and it may or may not agree with the preferences and standards of others. As a result, we have learned to temper our expectations when we are urged by friends to visit restaurants that they liken to the second coming … Continue reading Chirashi Attack! Momo Sushi

Chirashi Attack! Juno (Vancouver Sushi Bistro)

I checked out Juno’s online menu yesterday and confirmed that they had chirashi on their menu. I then relayed this information to my wife. We quickly agreed to designate our lunch today as a “healthy lunch” and drove down to Juno for our CHIRASHI ATTACK! As expected, the restaurant was small. What I did not expect was for the restaurant to be completely empty at 12:00 P.M. We came here for the chirashi and the restaurant offered two versions on their menu: the $10 regular chirashi (which was on special) and the $16 deluxe chirashi. Since we wanted to sample the … Continue reading Chirashi Attack! Juno (Vancouver Sushi Bistro)