Tokyo: Shiseido Salon De Cafe

Sad as it may be, I have to face the facts. The fact is that my two-sentence post two days ago – by far my most word-economical – has become my most “liked” post. Ever. It appears that people would much rather read my silence than my babble. So I’m going to give it to you one more time. …I’ll just say this: Every single item tasted better than it looked, and every piece looked stunningly gorgeous. …And this: Surprisingly, the best-tasting thing was the mango parfait. My daughter said that it was the most tasty mango-based food item that … Continue reading Tokyo: Shiseido Salon De Cafe


There’s no ambiguity when the word is vocalized, but when you try to spell it out all hell breaks loose. Donut? Doughtnut? dough-nut? do-nut? Strike that last one…sounds like “doooo nut”. The dough part of the word makes sense. It IS made from some kind of dough after all. But the nut part…If they were made of nuts, they would be akin to black-widow-poison for my nut-allergic son. Yet it happens to be my son’s favourite non-chocolate sweet food item of all time. No. Most versions do not contain either peanuts or tree nuts. What most versions do have is … Continue reading Cartem’s

Taiwanese Pastries: Sun Cakes from New Tai Yang Bakery

Sun cakes are rather simple pastries that also happen to be uniquely Taiwanese. To be more precise, sun cakes are indigenous to Taichung, whose name literally means the ‘center/middle of Taiwan’. Whenever anyone returns from a visit to Taichung, or from passing through Taichung, they always bring back a case of sun cakes. More often than not, the sun cakes come from the Tai Yang Bakery. The news that Tai Yang Bakery was closing its doors for good last year made headlines across television news channels, print media, and local news sites in Taiwan. It signified the end of an … Continue reading Taiwanese Pastries: Sun Cakes from New Tai Yang Bakery

Osaka: Breakfast At The St. Regis

I love breakfasts at hotels in Japan. There’s nothing better to start the day than a bowl of perfectly-cooked rice, hot miso soup, pickled vegetables, natto, and grilled salt-marinated fish. It was actually one of the things I looked forward to before my family’s trip to Osaka. Breakfast at the St. Regis in Osaka is served at its high-end Italian restaurant. Not only is it served in the Italian restaurant, it is cooked by the same chefs who work at the kitchen for both lunch and dinner. What was even more surprising was that I observed the head chef walking … Continue reading Osaka: Breakfast At The St. Regis

Mass Appeal 2: More Macarons

Day 18: French Made Baking… The jury’s still out on whether using the word ‘macaron’ 83 times in my post yesterday will drive more traffic from search engines but it certainly affected me. It compelled me to drive to French Made Baking to sample some of their much talked about macarons. Where else would I go to celebrate macaron day? French Made Baking was positively hopping when I got there. It was crawling with…food photographers? Everyone (including my wife and I) there had a camera. They were taking pictures of the macarons, the display cases, the chalkboard, the hot chocolate, … Continue reading Mass Appeal 2: More Macarons