Food Truck: Eat Chicken Wraps

You see something enough times and your mind starts getting its own ideas. You don’t want your mind to take over. You want your brain to stay firmly planted in the present, in reality; you hate it when it wanders off into a mind of its own and becomes that mind. You want it to plainly process the information your eyes pass on and for it to focus on the task at hand. You want to drive safely. You brain tells itself to stay disciplined and not be distracted. And yet your head turns. Your mind wanders. It points your … Continue reading Food Truck: Eat Chicken Wraps

Ardor: Baoqi

Dear pho of Baoqi, Embrace me. Take me into your arms. Envelop me with you warm, sweet fragrant stock. Allow me to stroke the tendrils of your velvety rice noodles. Caress me all over with slices of your tender, raw beef. Overwhelm my senses with you unending leafs of basil. Nurture me with the the pure manna within your bean sprouts. Throw me upon the trapeze of your beef balls. Dear betel -leaf wrapped beef vermicelli of Baoqi, Grant me the power of our complacent leaders as my chopsticks tightens around you like them upon their stogies. Confer upon me … Continue reading Ardor: Baoqi

Food Trucks: Cazba

I’ve always thought that it would be much more likely for me to try out Cazba the restaurant before Cazba the food truck because of their respective locations.  It turns out I was wrong. The convenience of the grab-and-go nature of the Cazba food truck and the wraps it offered meant that I was able to quickly grab one of its wrap for a between-meal “meal” and go on my way to wherever I was going (which was nowhere in particular…but definitely not close to where the food truck was situated). I got the joojeh – a.k.a. chicken – wrap … Continue reading Food Trucks: Cazba

Ducks In A Row: Red Star Revisited

Red Star (Vancouver) – Which restaurants would you choose if you only had two meals to showcase the local Chinese food scene to out-of-town visitors? This was the dilemma I faced  for my sister-in-law and niece’s  visit. There were also several conditions to the meals: one of the meals would have to be Taiwanese food while the other Cantonese; waiting any amount of time would be out of the question (we also had to fit in some of my daughter’s previous-scheduled engagements/activities); and there must be Beijing/Peking roast served at one of the meals. The choice for the Taiwanese restaurant … Continue reading Ducks In A Row: Red Star Revisited