Overrated and Overpriced? Part I: Cioppino’s

Cioppino’s – My wife and I dine out way more often for lunch than we do for dinner. This means that we don’t get a chance to try some of the more highly-regarded local restaurants that only offer dinner service. Cioppino’s falls into that category. It also happens to fall under the category of being regarded by some as overrated and overpriced, which will be the focus of my reviews for the next few days. My wife and I have actually made one previous visit to Cioppino’s and we quite liked the food we were served. The prices were a … Continue reading Overrated and Overpriced? Part I: Cioppino’s

Barcelona: El Corte Ingles Cafeteria

El Corte Ingles is probably as close to a department store monopoly as I’ve seen anywhere. Try as I might, I was not able to spot a department store not branded “El Corte Ingles” during my trip to Spain. It seemed like it was everywhere, covered every market segment, and catered to every demographic. Because it was so all-encompassing and so omnipresent, it became a convenient shopping destination for my family when we were in Barcelona. When we needed a particular book, we went to El Corte Ingles. When we wanted to buy some children’s clothing, we went to El … Continue reading Barcelona: El Corte Ingles Cafeteria

Portion Control Included For No Extra Charge

Mangia E Bevi – For some reason, crossing the Lion’s Gate Bridge on a gloomy, hard-raining day feels like breaching the boundary between anytown USA and the land of the zombies. The simple 10 minute journey from my house to the West End seemingly becomes an arduous journey full of pitfalls and perils. On those days, my mind tries its best to psych itself out of going across the bridge to a destination in which almost endless options for satisfying my hunger exist. On those days, I often choose to try out one of the several genre-abiding restaurants on Marine … Continue reading Portion Control Included For No Extra Charge