Taipei: Marlin rice noodles

Dihua street. Oldest street in Taipei. Old money. Lots of it. Crouching tiger hidden dragon – meaning you would not know it if you weren’t told about it. Multi-millionaires, billionaires, and multi-billionaires walking amongst their employee hundred-thousand-aires, and the common, pedestrian ten-thousand-aires milling about grocery shopping or Chinese medicine seeking. Old money I am not and old I was not when I was growing up in Taipei. I knew nothing and only now know but a little of the secrets of the street. What I know I learned and I absorbed from my father-in-law and mother-in-law, both of whom grew … Continue reading Taipei: Marlin rice noodles

Dim Sum And Then Some: Chef Tony

I won’t lie. I walked into the restaurant with both an off-the-charts expectation of great dim sum and an all-encompassing fear of a huge disappointment. Why this bipolarity? Chef Tony. Chef Tony of Sea Harbour. To be more exact: Sea Harbour. Sea Harbour’s outpost in Rosemead, CA. gave me my “DANG-I-didn’t-know-dim sum-could-make-me-happy” ┬ámoment in 2003. Sea Harbour of No. 3 Rd. also disappointed me almost to the point of depression in 2011 with its inhuman service and less-than-lukewarm food. I really had no idea which manifestation of chef Tony I was going to be presented with at Chef Tony. Was … Continue reading Dim Sum And Then Some: Chef Tony

Taipei: Shin Yeh Taiwanese Cuisine

I’ll make it real simple: If you visit only one Taiwanese restaurant in your lifetime, it absolutely has to be Shin Yeh Taiwanese Cuisine. No, it is not regarded as the best restaurant in Taiwan. And no, it does not have a celebrity chef manning its kitchen. Shin Yeh is actually not one single restaurant. It is a chain of (mid-to-up-market) Taiwanese restaurants in Taipei that is as popular with the locals as it is with tourists. On weekdays, you’re likely to see more Japanese tourists than locals at any of its locations. On weekends, you’re likely to see more … Continue reading Taipei: Shin Yeh Taiwanese Cuisine

Taipei: Food From The Center Of Taiwan

There is a class of restaurants in Taiwan where the owner tries to impose his/her own philosophies, ideologies, world views, and personality on the diners who visit his/her restaurant. The owner is usually charismatic, often spewing out his or her own personal words of wisdom (sometimes personal words of culinary wisdom) to anyone that enters the restaurant. If the owner is often absent from the restaurant, her (or his) words of wisdom will most likely be plastered all over the walls, tables, dining utensils, or any other object in the restaurant that words can fit on. “Tumu” Puli restaurant happens … Continue reading Taipei: Food From The Center Of Taiwan