Food Truck: Eat Chicken Wraps

You see something enough times and your mind starts getting its own ideas. You don’t want your mind to take over. You want your brain to stay firmly planted in the present, in reality; you hate it when it wanders off into a mind of its own and becomes that mind. You want it to plainly process the information your eyes pass on and for it to focus on the task at hand. You want to drive safely. You brain tells itself to stay disciplined and not be distracted. And yet your head turns. Your mind wanders. It points your … Continue reading Food Truck: Eat Chicken Wraps

Food Trucks: Mogu Japanese Street Eats

I was at the Pacific Centre during lunchtime today and instead of having my usual spicy beef basil fried rice from the Thai food court stall, I decided to venture outside the confines of the mall and sample the offerings of the Mogu food truck. Like most space-limited food trucks, Mogu has a rather tight and focused menu. It offers a total of three sandwiches – sweet miso pork katsu, chicken teriyaki, and veggie croquette, one side -chicken karaage in spicy sweet sauce, and one side salad on its regular menu. There were also two specials: the pork katsu curry … Continue reading Food Trucks: Mogu Japanese Street Eats

Food Trucks: Vij’s Railway Express

I haven’t been keeping up with my plan of getting more intimate with local food trucks – which is rather regrettable considering that they are fast becoming a major part of the local food scene. I fear that if I don’t start getting a move on sampling the food from more local food trucks, I will miss out on this important culinary movement entirely. So I thought that I’d start immediately. Immediately meant today. I started with Vij’s Railway Express because it was at the top of my long-forgotten list of food trucks to try. Since almost everyone and their … Continue reading Food Trucks: Vij’s Railway Express