Taipei: Fresh And Aged – December 2014

I know what I want. I dream about it. I daydream about it. The images are vivid and the images are not just images. They are 8K resolution real. They are smell-o-matically aromatic. They are taste-buds-plugged-into-Oculus-Rift-Ten.Point.OH MY HALLUCINATING brain cells aromatically real. Damn those foodstuffs in Taipei. They infect your mind like twenty days before you actually get there. And then when your plane lands at around 5 A.M. all you can think about is getting to where you’re staying so that you can dump your luggage and drive or walk or take a taxi or take the MRT to … Continue reading Taipei: Fresh And Aged – December 2014

Taipei: 55 day dry-aged ribeye at Fresh and Aged

Ever since reading about the 240-day dry aged steak at Carnevino in Las Vegas about five years ago, I’ve had countless 5K-resolution-oculus-rift-real dreams where I was almost able to put a piece of that eight-month-dry-aged-ethereal-slab-of-protein inside my mouth. Almost. Every single dream ends with me frustratingly awake realizing that I was no more closer to trying that piece of bovine perfection than when I first read about it. My pathetic steak routine usually revolves around the standard 21 to 28 day dry aged prime-grade beef from some name-unknown-to-me industrial butcher in Alberta. Every once in a while I get lucky … Continue reading Taipei: 55 day dry-aged ribeye at Fresh and Aged