Present Tense Suck: Tung Hing Bakery

There are many things I don’t know about the city, like how this stretch of Kingsway, with Vietnamese storefronts slightly outnumbering their Anglo and Chinese counterparts, is known as Little Saigon. I also have no idea that Tung Hing Bakery is supposed to be a bahn mi destination. The present tense gives me goose bumps in a bad way. I type in the present tense and I tensely cringe. I can’t. Formal designations gives me expectations. I see the words “Little Saigon”…strike that. I am not “seeing” the words “Little Saigon”. I saw them. I saw the words on one … Continue reading Present Tense Suck: Tung Hing Bakery

Everything But The Pho: Ha Cafe

Ha Cafe is not the most inviting of restaurants if you were to look at it from the outside. Its red chairs, red walls, and photo-menu-board combined to give it a look as dated as the old orchard shopping centre that it was located in. Passing by the place several times as I visited Pearl Castle and the liquor store around the opposite corner, I hadn’t even noticed that Ha Cafe was a Vietnamese restaurant. It looked like a decrepit diner of some sort, and I never gave it more than a passing glance. It wasn’t until about five weeks … Continue reading Everything But The Pho: Ha Cafe

“Vietnamese-lite”: One Saigon

I found out about One Saigon while waiting for a table at ShiZen Ya┬ánext door. I noticed that the tiny Vietnamese place had the “must-try” trifecta: all of its tables were occupied, a sizable lineup of diners were waiting to order and purchase food, and an equally sizable crowd was hanging around waiting for their takeout orders. I went back to One Saigon a few days later with my wife and son to see if its food was good enough to justify its popularity. Hoping to avoid the long queue and subsequent long wait for food, we arrived at the … Continue reading “Vietnamese-lite”: One Saigon

Another showdown in the making

BA LE – Would a sandwich I ate while I was driving merit a full-blown post? ‘No’ was the initial response to this question that I posed to myself. I wanted to post about the bahn mi sandwich I had at Bale but I didn’t think there was much to write about when the meal consisted of just one sandwich. But as I thought about the bahn mi sandwich, memories of the different versions I had in different cities flooded my mind. I didn’ t realize that this item occupied such a defined space in my memories until I decided … Continue reading Another showdown in the making