Ardor: Baoqi

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Dear pho of Baoqi, Embrace me. Take me into your arms. Envelop me with you warm, sweet fragrant stock. Allow me to stroke the tendrils of your velvety rice noodles. Caress me all over with slices of your tender, raw … Continue reading

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The New York Slice: Ludica Pizzeria

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I had imagined that we were going to have a grand ole’ time trying out the board games at the restaurant and I was right. I almost felt like I wanted the pizzas to come later to our table than┬áthe … Continue reading

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Tokyo: Shiseido Salon De Cafe

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Sad as it may be, I have to face the facts. The fact is that my two-sentence post two days ago – by far my most word-economical – has become my most “liked” post. Ever. It appears that people would … Continue reading

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Tired and uninspired: Morak

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I would never dare order alcohol in this restaurant. Never. It says it right on the printouts they stuck on their walls; they’ll check your I.D. if you look under fifty. I don’t think I have the courage. I don’t … Continue reading

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Tokyo: Pierre Herme, Sadaharu Aoki, and noix de beurre

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I’ve never liked audio guides when visiting galleries and art museums. I’m going to mute myself for this post.

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Bad Kim Bop Is Better Than No Kim Bop: Ma Sarang at the H-Mart Robson food court

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Jap Chae, Kim bop, and Korean spicy sweet fried chicken; three items surprisingly hard to find together in the same restaurant locally. It is rather easy to find Korean places that serve jap chae. A fairly substantial subset of these … Continue reading

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Singapore: Singapore Food Trail

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Tourist infrastructure done right. Singapore. Nothing half-assed about anything. The Singapore flyer. Yes, it looks like the London Eye. It feels like the London Eye. It rides like the London Eye. But you see more of the city with the … Continue reading

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