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  1. Just read your review of Famoso and wanted to say thanks for the thorough review. If you haven’t yet tried it, I recommend you take a trip down to Gastown and try Nicli Antica Pizzeria. I have only been once, however it’s my girlfriends favourite place and I have been craving it ever since dining there last week for lunch. I won’t return the favour with a thorough review as we didn’t really test out their menu and that’s not my thing. But I will say that we shared the Margherita pizza, and all of the ingredients were perfect for my palate. I usually order more complex pizzas, and usually like a bit of meat, but shared this with my vegetarian girlfriend and must say it was one of the tastiest pizzas I’ve ever had. Served with 2 oils, a chilli as well as a rosemary oil and both complemented it very nicely. The gf had a glass of wine which she enjoyed, but was pricey at $10. Combined with my Peroni on tap we spent more on booze than food. Can’t speak to everything else on the menu but will definitely be going back and is my favourite pizza in town already. No need to respond back just wanted to share this place with you. Cheers.

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