Neapolitan Pizza: The Bibo

My wife and I place The Bibo at the top spot in terms of tastiness among local Neapolitan pizza places that we have tried ( and which I have mostly neglected to write posts about ). If distance and time were not issues, we would be savoring their pies every time that we get a craving for authentic, Neapolitan pizza. But since we have two young children registered in various classes, engaged in a wide range of activities, and wishing to dine at their favorite restaurants (non of which are Neapolitan pizza restaurants) whenever they get a chance to dine … Continue reading Neapolitan Pizza: The Bibo

Where A Kid Can Be A Kid: Rogue Kitchen and WetBar

A few days ago my wife, son, and I visited Rogue Kitchen and WetBar for the first time. Even though it was our first visit, the food we received there gave me a very familiar feeling. At first I couldn’t not quite ¬†pinpoint what the flavours reminded me of. It was not until I was biting into a piece of pizza while watching my son playing with a Gundam action figure that I realized where I have experienced the flavours before: Chuck E’ Cheese’s. Because there is only one Chuck E Cheese’s in GVRD, and because the lone local branch … Continue reading Where A Kid Can Be A Kid: Rogue Kitchen and WetBar

Unexpected Pizza Experience: Steveston Pizza Co.

My wife and I are always up for a good pizza, and it is not beyond us to travel hours just to have good pizza. Before we had kids, we would even drive 4 hours (2.5 disregarding the speed limit) from Boston to New York just to have authentic New York pizza. No matter which city we have moved to, we have always made it a priority of ours to search out the best local pizza. The first highly regarded local pizza that my wife and I tried was from The Bibo, and we really liked their pizza. We have … Continue reading Unexpected Pizza Experience: Steveston Pizza Co.

Pizza From Down Under (and from the Underworld)

Hell Pizza – Ok, this is probably going to be one of my shorter posts. After eating the pizza from Hell Pizza in North Van, I have barely a thought or opinion about it. My mind is empty…completely blank… I guess I can tell you why I decided to pay Hell Pizza a visit today. Contrary so what some may think, I did not choose to visit Hell Pizza because of its name. The words “hell pizza” did not evoke any particularly strong imagery in my mind. I think the work “hell” is overused when it comes to food. Whenever … Continue reading Pizza From Down Under (and from the Underworld)

I Respectfully Disagree with the Expert Judges

Nicli Antica Pizzeria – Eight months after moving here, My wife and I still have not found our ‘go-to’ pizza place. Our current favourite is The Bibo, but it is located too far from our house for us to ‘go-to’ it whenever we crave pizza. Ideally, the go-to pizza place would be located within a 15 -20 minute drive from our house. Nicli Antica Pizzeria looks to be a prime candidate to become our go-to pizza place. It is located in gastown, which is a 15 minute drive from my house when traffic conditions are optimal. Also, from online reviews, … Continue reading I Respectfully Disagree with the Expert Judges