The New York Slice: Ludica Pizzeria

I had imagined that we were going to have a grand ole’ time trying out the board games at the restaurant and I was right. I almost felt like I wanted the pizzas to come later to our table than the more-than-a-long-while that it took them to arrive. I know for a fact that the kids weren’t particularly happy to be served their lunches in the middle of our game.

The game we were playing turned out to take up too much of the surface area of our table for us to continue playing it while simultaneously handling our food. We had to switch games. We had to switch to a card-based game that became so spasm-inducing that we almost flipped our plates twelve times over.

The concept of the restaurant may not be new, but the collection of board games is unparalleled. And the game steward. He’s better than Siri. You ask him a question, and he recommends a board game that you might like with 96.38% accuracy. Then he teaches you how to play the game in less than two minutes flat.

The only real problem we had at the restaurant was trying not to grease-up or sauce-up the game pieces with our pizza-ed hands. Contamination was inevitable, but we tried our best to wipe often and to keep the smudging minimal.

The thing is, the pizzas actually tasted good. We couldn’t not constantly nibble at them. The wedges of pie were tasty enough to be stuck on our hands like they had superglue on them.

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The sausages and ham and country ham were charred to a fabulous crisp. The crust was thin but not really Italian thin, it was more like New-York-thin thin. And the crust-handles were kinda Italian-crispy and Italian-charred. The tomato sauce was subtle and subdued yet tomato-ey and sweet-ish – like it should be. The cheese blend was a little on the yellow side, a little on the greasy side, and semi-gooey and pseudo-stringy like the cheese on a New York slice. And the way the sauce and cheese blended together. A New York slice through and through. The crust may be more Italian than typical New York, but I’ve have more than several Italian-crusted manhattan slices.

Pizzeria Ludica: The best New York slice I’ve had in a long while.

Pizzeria Ludica: The best board games I’ve played anywhere ever.

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